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Warning Signs of a Load Bearing Wall

Sometimes, your house simply becomes weaker with time. Over the years, it’s natural for the structure to lose strength, compactness, and quality. In situations such as these, it becomes a necessity to upgrade load bearing walls before it’s too late.

Other scenarios can also lead to weaker load bearing walls such as added floors or structural changes to the house without bearing in mind the effects on the load bearing walls. Plus, there’s a reason why laws in Dallas that don’t allow people to do any sort of demolition work on their homes to add or change the structure of their houses.

Load bearing wall removal should only be handled by the professionals as they are well-equipped to spot any sort of warning signs of a load bearing wall and judge the scope and urgency of work required. The following are some warning signs that you should certainly learn about.

Cracked Drywall

If you notice that there are some cracks developing on the drywall, it could be due to the load on the house structure and the roof that those walls have to carry.

The constant tension on those walls can lead them to developing cracks that can eventually grow bigger and even cause a total collapse. This is a major warning sign and if you see the slightest bit of a crack, keep an eye on it and call a wall removal service right away.

Windows and Doors Sticking or Not Closing & Opening Smoothly

You may also notice constant squeaking noise when the doors of the rooms open or close. Although it may also be possible that a slight oiling can fix the problem, there’s also the possibility of weak load bearing walls that can cause the ceilings to sag. This may cause the structure to move slightly—in millimeters—and thus cause the squeaking noise you’re noticing.

Sagging Ceiling

The constant load on load bearing walls is bound to catch up. This can cause the ceiling to become uneven. These structural issues can be a huge nuisance for you and others living in the house. So it’s better to get it fixed right away before it becomes too big of a problem. Calling wall removal contractors will be the only solution.

Roof Leakage

Imperfections with the roof or ceiling can also allow for seepage and leakage issues. This can be more problematic during extreme weather conditions, and the dampness can also lead to mold which is known to cause several adverse health effects.

If you see any of these warning signs in your home, call Dallas Wall Pros right away! Having a trusted wall removal company is vital in ensuring the work is done efficiently and smoothly. With us, you can sit back and relax while we do all the work in quick time.

Get in touch with us right away.

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