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Knocking Down A Wall: The Complete Process

More and more people are looking to make renovations to their homes after the pandemic has settled down a little. A research stated that the US construction industry will grow by 3.1% in the coming year which also includes people making renovations in their homes.

Due to lockdowns, people are choosing to convert their living spaces into more lockdown-friendly areas so they’re adding game rooms, offices, and home cinemas in their homes. Sometimes this requires wall removals which is a dicey process at best. However, this guide will explain how we safely tear down your walls.

Step 1: Investigating the Area

The first thing any wall removal expert will do is to investigate whether the wall is load-bearing or not. That’s because if you knock down a load-bearing wall it may cause the roof or upper floor to collapse. If those are loadbearing, our structural engineers will design a supportive temporary wall to stand parallel to that wall.

This allows us to easily take down your load-bearing wall while the temporary wall withstands the house’s weight. However, it’s not recommended to tear down a load-bearing wall to open up your living space.

Step 2: Preparing To Start

Once it’s decided that the wall isn’t load-bearing then we will protect the surroundings using a plastic sheet which will stop any dust or debris from going out of the room. This includes covering doors and windows, so you don’t have to worry about them getting damaged. If we’re unable to cover the doors, we might even take them out temporarily but install them back as soon as we finish up.

Step 3: Tear The Wall Down

We will first outline the area that will be knocked down and then using a sledgehammer we will make a hole in the center. This will be followed us using the combination of a reciprocating saw and the sledgehammer to properly remove the pieces of drywall until we’ve completely removed the wall.

Most of the time we will break the wall from both sides so that it’s more efficient and much safer. Once the wall is completely torn down, we will add the finishing material such as cement or wood to the edges of the area where the wall used to be to make sure that it doesn’t look like a wall was removed.

Now that you know how we safely tear down a wall, you shouldn’t be worried about the whole process and call us for any wall removals. We are a wall removal services provider based in Texas and have been helping our clients for more than 20 years.

We are especially good at load-bearing wall removal and are mostly done with the process within one day. So, contact us to get a free estimate and get an appointment for the coming weekend to remove any wall.

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