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Issues You Can Face When Removing A Wall

One of the most important reasons to remove or tear down a wall is mostly renovations to your home. However, wall removal is a tricky process that could require knowledge and skills that most people do not consider before tearing down their walls. On top of that, if you end up tearing down a load-bearing wall, it’s going to have severe repercussions for your home. Some of the issues that you may face are struggling to find a load-bearing wall or damage to your plumbing along with these others.

Struggle To Find A Load-Bearing Wall

Most people don’t even know what a load-bearing wall is when they start removing walls in their homes. These load-bearing walls are made to support the weight of the upstairs floor or even the roof. This means that these walls add to the foundation of your home in a way. So, if you end up removing a load-bearing wall without knowing, you face these issues.

Ceiling Sagging Or Dropped Down

If you remove a wall without adding an alternative support structure, then there is a high chance that the ceiling may start sagging due to the significant weight. However, it’s important to know that if the sagging is minuscule such as a quarter-inch sag, it’s natural, but more than that means a load-bearing wall is removed.

Floor Sagging

If you have a second and third floor in your house, you should be extra careful as there is double the amount of weight on your walls on the ground floor. If you end up removing a wall on the bottom floor, there’s a high chance that the second and third floors may sag or even collapse

May Damage Plumbing

A common issue that people face during wall removal is that they do not consider plumbing lines and destroy or damage them. It’s important to look at your house plans if you have them to see if there are any plumbing lines present in the wall. If there are, you must stop the water supply before destroying them, or else you will have serious water damage in your home.

Electrical Issues

Just like plumbing, you should also consider electrical lines spread out in your home. This is an even more dangerous issue as it could cause you your life if you’re not careful. For this as well, you should look at electric plans to see where the wiring passes through or shut off the main switch to your home before starting to remove any walls.

You don’t have to worry about any of these issues if you hire us to remove any walls in your home. We are a wall removal contractor based in Dallas, along with other locations in Texas, with years almost 20 years of experience. That is why our professionals are wall removal experts that can help you with any issue you can face during wall removal. So, call us now and get a free quotation or visit our website to find out more.

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