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Safety 101: Removing a Load-Bearing Wall

Removing a load-bearing wall is no easy task, and you should hire experienced professionals qualified for the job. Load-bearing wall removal is not a DIY job since it has many safety hazards attached to it. But if you insist on removing one all by yourself, then keep these safety precautions in mind before you begin the task and as you are in the process of doing so.

Calculate the Size of the Alternate Beam Needed

Removing a load-bearing wall can lead to many safety hazards for the house, including sagging floors, cracked walls, and even the roof collapsing. It is necessary to replace the wall with an alternate beam to support the structure of the house. You will need to calculate the exact length and width of the beam that needs to be installed in place of your load-bearing wall before removing it. This is conventionally done with the help of a structural engineer.

Shut off the Main Circuit

It’s difficult to know what’s inside drywall. It could contain air ducts, wiring, or even gas or water pipes. The best course of action before removing any load-bearing wall is to shut off the main circuit, so you don’t accidentally end up messing any wiring inside the wall and electrocuting yourself in the process. Electrical hazards cause around 300 deaths annually in the US, most of them being construction or electrical workers.

The next step is to remove the baseboard on either side of the wall and slice through the tape to tear off the drywall. Be very careful during this stage in order to not cause damage to any adjacent walls or affect the structural integrity of the house. You should also use the appropriate tools for the job and make sure you know how to use them.

Removing Cables

The last step before installing an alternate beam is to remove all cables and pipe lines from within the wall. You need to be extra cautious during this process in order to not cause a gas leak or affect your overall electric, gas, or water system in the process. After removing everything from the wall it’s time to construct a temporary one in its stead.

Load-bearing wall removal is an extremely tough task. Most buildings are carefully designed and altering one thing can affect others as well. It is recommended that you consult and hire engineers and wall removal experts for the job.

Wall removal contractors at Dallas Wall Pros can help you with your load bearing wall removal in Dallas. We have qualified structural engineers, well-equipped to oversee the job, and they even offer lifetime guarantees on their work. Most of our work is done within one day. We have wall removal services in Fort Worth as well.

For more information, get in touch with our team today.

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