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Load-Bearing Walls Vs. Beams And Columns: Which Is Better?

Load-bearing walls and columns and beams are also called load-bearing and framed structures, respectively. The main difference between them is that framed ones carry the load to the foundation using beams and columns, while load-bearing structures usually refer to just walls. Choosing either of these options is dependent on your needs—this blog will help you decide which one you want.


The key difference between both types of structures can be noticed in the strength of the walls. Load-bearing walls are stronger and thicker than those used in framed structures. These are mostly walls made from brick, stone, or concrete. That's because the weight is being transferred through them. On the other hand, you'll see columns, beams, and slabs spaced across your walls in a framed structure.

Load Transfer Path

The transfer path is also simple in a load-bearing wall; the load will transfer from the roof or an additional floor to the walls and then to the footing or the soil. In a framed structure, the load will transfer from the floor to horizontal beams, moving to vertical columns and then footings to the soil.

Material and Labor Required

Load-bearing structures require a lot of other materials than cement and steel but are a very labor-intensive process. On the other hand, framed structures are highly reliable on steel and cement; the house's skeleton is completely steel. It's also less labor-intensive, but you need labor with a certain set of skills to help you in construction.

Resistance to Earthquakes

Load-bearing structures are known to be less effective against earthquakes and are likely to be damaged by them, but with meticulous designing, they have been known to perform relatively well against earthquakes. Frame structures, on the other hand, are very rigid and durable even during earthquakes because of their one-unit design. However, it's essential to properly define the load path of horizontal beams for best results.

Repair Cost

It can be easily understood that repair costs of load-bearing structures are relatively inexpensive compared to structured frames. However, wall removal is much trickier in load-bearing structures as it can cause the whole ceiling to collapse if you don't take precautions. So, renovations may require you to call us. We are a wall removal company that helps our clients with their wall removal issues.

We are specialists at load-bearing wall removal and will be done removing your wall in no time. You can visit our website to learn more about us or book an appointment to get a free estimate for our services

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