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How to Knock Down a Wall

With the growth of the residential construction industry in the country, we’re seeing many people make changes to their homes and upgrading them. Some are even getting completely new houses made. What’s behind this rise in housing activities? Is it because of the return of normality after many months of the COVID pandemic, or something to do with low mortgage rates?

Whatever it is, the fact is that the construction industry is expanding. This means that there’ll be tons of demolition in houses to rebuild the structures in a better manner. Load bearing wall removal is one of the most crucial steps in initiating the process of rebuilding the home. So, it’s highly important that it’s done the right way.

Just picking up a hammer and swinging it on the wall to knock it down isn’t the way to go. You run the risk of ruining the whole structure of the house. So, trusting the professionals is the way to go. They’re well-equipped with the right tools and the right expertise. The following shows how the experts knock down a wall in a safe and responsible manner.

Identifying the Type of Wall to be Knocked Down

The most important aspect in this regard is certainly identifying the nature of the wall; whether it’s a load bearing wall or not. If it is, it becomes even more important to handle the task with care and precision.

On the other hand, if it’s a non-load bearing wall, the task still requires a lot of attention to detail and preparation but not as much as a load bearing wall.

Another key aspect is figuring out if the wall in question has piping or electrical outlets and wiring. In this scenario, professional electricians and plumbers will need to be called in to handle the system.

Using the Right Support

When the wall is being knocked down, the wall removal professional installs an adequate supporting structure to hold the house structure together. Joists or lintels are the way to go. However, steel joists are usually a better option as steel is one of the strongest materials used in construction.

Using the Right Tools

Knocking down walls isn’t just about swinging a sledgehammer into the wall; it’s more than that. The area to be knocked down is marked, a sledgehammer is used to create a starting point, and a saw is also used to remove the panels of drywall.

Load bearing wall removal can be a complicated task, but Dallas Wall Pros are here for you! We are one of the most trusted wall removal contractors in Dallas. Our services are quick, affordable, and top-notch. Our lifetime warranties are to show for it!

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