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How To Find Out If a Wall Is Load-Bearing

Whenever you have remodeling plans, the first thing you would want to do is get permission from your local municipal if there’s a need for wall removal. The most important thing when tearing down a wall is to figure out whether the wall you’re removing is load-bearing or not. If you hire us, we can easily tell you if it is load-bearing or not, but if you’re looking to add to your knowledge, then here is how you can figure that out.

Load-Bearing Wall

A load-bearing wall is structured in a way so it can support and withstand the significant weight of the floor and roof. These are usually made with durable and lasting materials such as brick, concrete, stone, and wood.

Wall May Be Perpendicular To Joist

In most cases, when inspecting a wall, you should look at whether the wall is running perpendicular to the joist or parallel. If it’s parallel, it’s most likely not load-bearing. However, there are rare instances they have been made parallel to the joist, and they are aligned directly under the joist or supporting adjacent joists.

Exterior Load-Bearing Wall

If you’re thinking of removing an exterior wall, you should know that they are always load-bearing. It’s unlikely for homes to have exterior non-load-bearing walls as it’s expensive to make one. That’s because these types of homes mostly have steel and concrete structures inside their walls holding the weight.

You can determine if an exterior wall is load-bearing by looking at windows and doors. That’s because due to the holes cut out in the walls for them, these parts get weakened, and you need to support the weight with load-bearing walls.

Support Structures

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to figure out if the wall is load-bearing or not is by looking at the support structures below or above the wall you’re inspecting. If you go to the second floor and see if there is a wall right above the wall downstairs and it’s continuing to the attic at the same position, then it’s load-bearing. Furthermore, some houses have crawl spaces below them, and you can also inspect under your house to see if there is a support structure below the wall that’s helping it evenly divide the weight, proving if it’s load-bearing or not.

Even after guiding you about all the ways to figure out if a wall is load-bearing or not, we recommend you hire us when you’re thinking of wall removal. We are a wall removal company that specializes in load-bearing wall removal.

We have been in the industry for over two decades and know the most effective and efficient ways to remove a wall. We don’t want you to put yourself in danger trying to remove a wall. We operate in areas around Texas such as Dallas, Frisco, Fort Worth, and Plano. So, call us right away and let us help you.

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