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Factors That Determine How Much Removing a Load-Bearing Wall Will Cost

Load-bearing wall removal can be very beneficial for your home. Not just to redesign and renovate, but also to improve the house's overall structure and make it more robust through new load-bearing walls or installing beams and columns made of strong materials like steel and wood.

However, the main factor that everyone needs to keep in mind is the costs that they'll have to pay. Read on to find out exactly what you might have to pay.

Type of Replacement

Seams and columns are becoming the go-to options to replace load-bearing walls with. Steel and veneer lumber are two of the most popular materials to use.

Steel is on the higher end with a price ranging between $1,500 and $5,000, including labor costs. This is the strongest material that can be used in this case, thus the higher cost.

Laminated veneer lumber is a relatively affordable option that wouldn't cost you upwards of $500 to $600 in most cases.

Supporting Structures

Load-bearing wall removal also entails a proper holding mechanism for the house structure until the removal and replacement process is complete. Depending upon the materials used for the support structure, the costs can vary.

Rolled steel joists can cost a maximum of $1,000 depending upon the number of rooms and floors of the house. On the other hand, concrete lintels may cost about half of that.

Another aspect of prices is Section 232 being upheld at the start of 2021, meaning that steel imports would come with a 25% tariff. This will result in higher costs to end consumers who choose steel for seams or support joists.

Fixing Ceilings and Floors

Ceilings that are excessively sagged and warped will need proper reworking as they are at a higher risk of collapsing. In a multi-story house, a poor ceiling with broken shingles will cause the floor on the upper level to be affected as well.

Placing Electrical Outputs Back

Removing load-bearing walls will mean that electrical outlets must be removed and installed somewhere else in the house. Proper load-bearing wall removal services always include this factor in the quotes that they provide beforehand.

Load-bearing wall removal can leave you with huge bills, but not with Dallas Wall Pros! We're one of the most trusted wall removal companies in Fort Worth. We have been delivering satisfactory results to all our clients, keeping costs as low as possible without compromising quality.

Get in touch with us via email or book a consultation online.

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