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Different Types of Walls in a House

You’ve probably heard about the importance of load-bearing walls and the importance of the overall strength of the house’s structure. However, what good would it be if your house has a good structure but a poor aesthetic?

This is where non-load bearing and other types of walls come in.

Let’s have a look at various categories of walls you can have in your home.

Interior & Exterior Walls

The most important categorization of walls is interior and exterior walls. Most of the walls inside the house are used for decorative purposes, while the ones outside are mainly made to withstand the weather conditions and other externalities. They can also be given an artistic touch, but it comes at high costs.

Glass Walls

These types of walls are increasingly becoming the go-to options for interior wall designs for offices and homes. This adds a sense of added space with its see-through features. Especially for offices where working spaces need to feel comfortable and not isolating, this is a great option to go with.

Owing to technological developments in the construction industry, we are now seeing the emergence of smart glass technology into the mainstream.

With the flick of a switch, the glass panels can be turned opaque, allowing for privacy.

Tiled Walls

There’s no end to the creativity that can be explored when it comes to tiled walls. Single tiles are attached to the main wall structure, giving it a visually appealing look.

Although tiled walls are mostly seen in bathrooms, they can be used in kitchens and bedrooms.

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