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5 Warning Signs in an Old Home

Life is getting back to normal after the pandemic gripped entire nations across the globe over the past year. People are now going back to their old ways of spending, and demand for goods and services is getting back to what it previously was.

However, with excessive demand in the market, prices are going up. For people looking to buy new homes, it’s becoming more of a challenge. There’s been an average of a 13.2% increase in home prices across the country compared to the prior year. Whether this is down to higher demands or lower mortgage rates, it’s a fact that buying new homes is a difficult task.

In such a scenario, buying a relatively older home seems like the only way out. Here are some things you need to look for before you buy an older home.

Load Bearing Walls

If you notice that the load-bearing walls are not in good condition. Although the best way to identify this problem is to get the help of professional load-bearing wall removal services, there are some major indicators that you can spot yourself and see if the load-bearing walls are up to standard.

1. Ceiling & Floors

A house roof in poor condition is a major red flag. If you see some dampness, cracks, or cracked shingles, it’s a sign that it needs major repairing. It can cost thousands of dollars. Thus, it’s better to look for other options if a particular house has a sub-standard ceiling.

Moreover, if it’s a multi-story structure, the ground floor ceiling can become warped, causing the shape of the floor on the upper floor to become unbalanced.

2. Drywall

Due to sagged ceilings and uneven floors, there can be excessive weight buildup, causing the load-bearing walls to carry more weight than they can withstand. This can lead to a high risk of structural collapse.

This problem can be spotted if there are noticeable cracks in the drywall/plaster. In this scenario, load-bearing wall removal services would need to be called in, and it wouldn’t be wise to spend so much on repairs for a house you’ve just bought.

3. Doors & Windows

You can also spot this problem if opening and closing windows are difficult. Doors may also not close like they’re supposed to—coming in contact with its frames more roughly.

This also indicates that the load-bearing walls aren’t holding up their shape. Load-bearing wall removal wouldn’t just be expensive; it would also need several approvals to be allowed to be removed, causing further hassle.

4. Electric System

You should also inspect the electrical system in the house. Panels that are older and outdated will be incapable of withstanding excessive electrical loads and may pose the risk of fire hazards, which are very dangerous.

5. Plumbing System

A poor plumbing system is another red flag. It can lead to contaminated water, blocked pipes, poor drainage system, and much more. Thus, it’s better to avoid buying a home with these problems to avoid major repair costs shortly.

It’s clear that among many problems, poor load-bearing walls are a major issue. Call in the best load bearing wall removal service in Dallas to get all these problems sorted right away.

At Dallas Wall Pros, we make sure we offer you affordable rates for our services. So, if you’re moving into a home that requires some up-gradation or renovation, you can count on us.

Get in touch for same-day consultations.

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