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5 Things to Consider Before Removing Your Interior Walls

Whether it’s to increase available living space or set a new floor layout, homeowners have various reasons for choosing to remove interior walls. Wall removal may seem simple, but there are numerous things to consider before demolishing your interior walls.

Things to Consider Before Wall Removal

There are several things that you should be aware of before removing any walls in your home.

Type of Wall

Homes typically have two types of walls, load-bearing, and partition walls. Partition walls, as the name suggests, segregate space between rooms. These walls are easy to remove as they do not support the weight of the house.

On the other hand, load-bearing walls aren’t as easy to remove, and the process is more extensive. Load-bearing walls are essential because they contribute to the foundational integrity of the house.

Removing these walls requires determining how they affect the rest of the house and the erected support structures.

Before removing an interior wall, assess the type of the wall. We recommend hiring a professional wall removal expert for this purpose. Homeowners in the Dallas Fort Worth area can contact Dallas Wall Pros. We are wall removal contractors with a team of qualified structural engineers.

What Materials is The Wall Made of?

Determining the material of the wall is essential as removal techniques may vary based on the material used. You also need appropriate tools and protective clothing, depending on the material. Moreover, identifying the material aids in proper disposal once the removal is done.

Older homes constructed before the 1980s used lead paint, which can be hazardous when inhaled in particle form.


Load-bearing walls cost higher to remove because of the extensive process involved. Homeowners should account for their budget when removing an interior wall.

It’s also important to note that energy costs increase in an open floor living space.

Inspecting for Pipes and Wires

Before you pull down an interior wall, inspect it for essential plumbing and wiring. Plumbing pipes and electric wires are often hidden inside walls, and removing a wall containing these plumbing fixtures can cause severe problems.

Radiators may also be placed inside some walls and removing the radiator and its connected wiring before wall removal is crucial.


Some states require a permit before doing demolition work, while others don’t. Depending on the state, you may need a permit before proceeding with your removal plans.

Removing an Interior Wall

Removing a wall is best left to professionals, especially if it’s a load-bearing wall. Dallas Wall Pros is a professional wall removal expert in Dallas.We offer same-day consultations and remove majority of walls within a day. Homeowners can visit our website for more information or book a consultation online.

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