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4 Kinds of Equipment Required to Remove a Load-Bearing Wall

Removing a load-bearing wall requires a lot of knowledge about the task, experience, and the right equipment for the job. It is usually done under the supervision of a qualified structural engineer. Here are some necessary equipment required to carry out the job efficiently and in as less time as possible.

Cat's Paw

A cat's paw is also known as a 'nail puller' and is extremely useful for removing nails from a wooden board or, in this case, drywall. It consists of a round bar, curving at one end, used to grip nail-heads and pull them out. A cat's paw can be used for a variety of purposes and across various industries. It is easily affordable and available at any home depot store or online for your convenience.

Circular Saw

A circular saw is a power saw that uses a motor that works in a rotary motion to cut through different materials like wood, masonry, metal, etc. In load-bearing wall removal, the contractor will typically cut through the wall. Once the drywall has been taken down, you can erect a temporary wooden wall to support the structure using a circular saw.

You need something to replace your load-bearing wall with to retain your house's structural integrity. This is where engineered beams came into assistance. These beams are specifically cut and designed to match the length and width required to support your house structure. They are usually designed by a structural engineer and act as alternatives for the load-bearing wall. They can be made of various materials, including wood, optic fiber, steel, etc.

Joist Hangers

Joist hangers are specifically designed to hold timber joints in place. They are usually used to hold the weight of things like floors, ceilings, decking, and more. When removing a load-bearing wall, joist hangers are used to wrap around the newly engineered beam and are held in place using nails or screws.

Load-bearing wall removal is not only a very tough and daunting task to take on by yourself but can also cost a lot just to purchase the equipment required for the job. Most wall removal contractors have years of experience and the necessary equipment to go along with it. If you're looking for a reliable company, then you're at the right place.

The wall removal contractors at Dallas Wall Pros can help you with your load-bearing wall removal in Dallas. We have qualified structural engineers, well-equipped to oversee the job, and they even offer lifetime guarantees on their work. Most of our work is done within one day. We have wall removal services in Fort Worth as well.

For more information, get in touch with our team today.

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