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4 Benefits of Replacing Load Bearing Walls with Beams and Columns

Homeowners often remove walls to open space in their homes. Interior walls create privacy, define areas, and, if they’re load-bearing, support the home’s weight. Homes have featured interior walls for centuries. However, since the 1950s, open floor spaces have become popular and are sought out by many homeowners.

Before removal, inspect interior walls to check if they’re load-bearing. Load-bearing walls can be removed, but they need to be replaced with a support structure that bears the weight of the house. Beams and columns are often used to replace load-bearing walls to provide structural integrity.

What Are Beams and Columns?

Beams and columns are two key structural components in supporting the weight of a building. They transfer the load from the slab to the building’s foundations.

Beams are horizontal planks that carry load perpendicular to their direction. Beams are typically supported on both ends of the installation and work together with columns to transfer the load.

Columns are vertical structures transmitting compressive loads and support the beams and columns on the floors above. Columns on the lower levels of a building must have the strength to support the entire weight of the stories above.

Why You Should Replace Load bearing Walls with Beams and Columns

There are several reasons why you should consider replacing load-bearing walls with beams and columns.

Create Space

Walls create privacy and provide you with segregated space. However, removing walls and adopting an open floor plan can make your home look more spacious and inviting.

Open floor plans are beneficial for homes with limited square footage because the lack of walls creates more available space for homeowners.

Lighting Options

Removing walls and replacing them with beams and columns help with lighting options. Walls restrict lighting options, leaving homeowners to rely solely on windows for natural lighting.

Open floor spaces allow for more sunlight to enter the area. In addition, homeowners can also implement artificial lighting to make their homes livelier.

Better Communication

Walls act as barriers—both figuratively and literally. They prevent communication and socialization as walls, by design, separate areas and people. Opening your home’s living space by removing walls can result in better communication.

Family members can converse while being in different areas of the house in an open floor plan. Removing walls also makes your home more suitable for social events and gatherings.

Resistance to Natural Disasters

Beams and columns provide superior resistance to natural disasters such as earthquakes. In contrast, load-bearing walls don’t offer such resistance and may be susceptible to natural disasters. Beams, columns and slabs work in unison to provide your home structural integrity, making them a safer and more secure option for homeowners living in areas where natural disasters are frequent.

Hiring a Professional for Wall Removal

Wall removal isn’t a simple process. We recommend homeowners hire a wall removal expert for the job. Improper removal of a load-bearing wall can adversely impact your home’s structural integrity.

Dallas Wall Pros is a wall removal contractor based in Dallas. We offer same-day consultations and demolish most walls within a day. Homeowners can obtain more information from our website or book online for a consultation.

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