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Create an Open Concept Feel Through Dallas Wall Pros’ Wall Removal Services


Currently, more families are leaning toward open space floor plans. However, the professionals at Dallas Wall Pros know that removing walls safely is an important consideration before bringing the wall down.


Removing one or more load-bearing walls to create more space is one of the most common kinds of interior remodels. While a load-bearing wall removal isn’t a small task, it gives your home a more open layout and makes it look more spacious and bigger. Load-bearing walls play an integral structural role in your building – they not just carry some of the seismic loads to safeguard you in the event of an earthquake but can also easily support the weight above them.


That’s why it’s important to hire the right wall removal contractor like Dallas Wall Pros. While sometimes identifying a load-bearing wall is possible based on its location, only an expert can identify if the wall is load-bearing or not. And if it is, how do you remove walls safely while keeping the house structurally safe and sound.


The professionals at Rockwall can either determine by looking at the original blueprints of your home that may be on record with your city’s building department or from an onsite evaluation. If no engineer is consulted and accidental demolition of a load-bearing wall takes place. In that case, a lot of damage can happen, which can also compromise the integrity and safety of your building. Dallas Wall Pros won’t just help you assess your walls to determine if they’re load-bearing but can also prepare a plan.


Our experience with load-bearing wall removal throughout Rockwall allows us to correctly and quickly prepare the complete design and engineering package so you can kickstart construction while knowing that your home will be structurally safe and sound.


Dallas Wall Pros Offer Unmatched Quality


At Dallas Wall Pros, we respect your time and your property and prove that by showing up on time and meeting deadlines. We also respect your time, which is why we believe in clear communication before and throughout your load-bearing wall removal. Our professionals evaluate your property, identify load-bearing walls, and remove them safely.


Get in touch with one of our experts at Rockwall now for more information!

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